111. Contemplation  18" H X 16" W X 24" D
Price; Resin casting; $6,000.00 Bronze; 12,000.00

Sculpture Collection 1

Shacham Sculpture Studio
Bronze Sculpture; Wood and stone carved Sculpture; Judaica; Sculpted Jewelry;  Sculpture classes; Original sculpted chess set

I have always been interested in creating artwork with a balance of high quality craftsmanship, imagination, and substance in equal parts. Sculpture is a language of form that is based on living images from the real world. I strive to create sculpture that is both beautiful and with depth of meaning. I see art as a reflection of the life we live, and when the artist does that it becomes relevant to all.

Michael Shacham  

Contact us at; michael80@optonline.net

 54 Judgment day  Bronze  6' Wide X 3' High    Price $50,000.00
This relief is no longer available it has been stolen from storage. If you see it please contact me by e-mail at: michael80@optonline.net 

I have created images of war based on my experiences as a soldier, and of peace reflecting life in all its dimensions.

 Memorial to an unknown solider 10' H  Bronze, Ceaseria Israel
 101. Reclining female figure 6/6, Bronze
 16 1/2 H X 29" W X 14 1/2 D
 Price; $12 ,000.00
 101. Power of Tyranny. seated  female figure 1/6  Bronze
26" H X 14" W X 9" D
Price; $12,000.00
 101. Power of Tyrany. Standing male figure;  Bronze
2/6 29 3/4" H X 11 1/4" W X 11 1/4 D
Price; $12,000.00
 103. Adam & Eve Lifesize bronze Price: $100,000.00 
 40. Laura Life size bronze #40,000.00
Sculpture collection 1
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