Judaica Collection
Shacham Sculpture Studio
M119 Sabbath Candelabra with a gold plated bronze lion
12" W X 7" D X 6" H
Price; $1500.00
 M116 Eternal Flame Hanukkah Menorah & Sabbath Candelabra, Polished bronze
11 3/4" H X 11 1/2" W X 4" D
Price; $1000.00
M115 Lion and the 10 commandments
Polished Brass
Price; $100.00
 M114 David's Harp Menorah, Polished Brass
10 1/4" H X 10 1/2 W X 2 3/4"
Price; 120.00
 M113 Lion heads & the 10 commandments Bronze
7" H X 11 1/4" W X 4" D
Price; $220.00
M84 Hanukkah Menorah Bronze & Brass
9" H X 13 1/4" X4"D
Price; $800.00
 M117 Walls of Jerusalem Hanukkah Menorah & Sabbath Candelabra
Bronze, Brass and Sterling Silver
Price; $2000.00
Holocaust Memorial Scrolls, Bronze at Temple Bnai Or Morristown NJ  6' Wide x 5' High
 M118 Lions & Torah Hanukkah Menorah & Sabbath Candelabra
Bronze & Brass
Price; 3500.00
 If interested in ordering please send e-mail  to michael80@optonline.net asking about availability of the piece you want. If available you should add $20.00 for shipping and you can pay using paypal .

On March 26th 2015 we unveiled my hand carved walnut Shema at Temple Shalom in the memory of Mark Dunn. I am here with his family and members of the congregation 
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